“A man with a Dream will not be denied” Louie Carrillo

Louie said it best and it keeps me humble and gets me on fire to pursue my dreams and ambitions. A dream to me is a burning desire that keeps you awake when you can’t sleep and propels you to keep moving forward despite setbacks. Growing up dreaming wasn’t always easy to accomplish, it was unheard of topic where I grew up in Santa Ana, CA. My life as a child was always focused on the now and not the how or when. I was consumed by baseball, playing outdoors and enjoying my child hood, Life was simple and I was going with the flow. I was then approached by an opportunity called “Amway” that changed my way of thinking and continues to provide insight on my personal growth. I say this because the personal I am and will become has been shaped by great people that have mentored me to become a better person. I won’t get into all the details, but thanks to Amway, N21, the Army, NMSU, Family and Friends; I am learning that we design our lives whether good or bad based on our ATTITUDE! I challenge anyone that is reading this to dig deep and find your “Why” and make sure it makes you cry then follow me and lets chat on how we can get it done. I am working on gathering all resources and people to help along the way. My company is called Team Global Lead and say what I mean and mean what I say when Together Everyone Achieves More Globally Learning, Experiencing, Achieving, Dreams! Chris

Who is Team Global Lead Inc?

Good morning friends,

Just want to elaborate on my business name and need to see if it fits my vision for the company. I’ve been interested in entrepreneurship since a very young age. I like the independence of working for yourself, but that comes with challenges as well. I remember taking a business class in the 9th grade and that’s when my head started turning. I was eager to develop an idea that was simple and it would generate income. My first start was a cleaning yards then I started Hands Free detailing, a mobile car wash and detailing business. I ended up hiring a friend and then word of mouth followed by door to door knocking. I had a burning desire to succeed despite not knowing how to become successful. I was having fun and had a few dollars in my pocket. Life couldn’t get any better, and my desire for expanding kept growing.

Looking back I feel nothing has changed except for some bumps and bruises I have faced along the way. Life’s little curve ball. Nowadays we have a few hands free car washes that little old Chris couldn’t compete with.

More to follow later.



Who is your favorite rideshare company? I personally like them all but I like exclusive benefits as well. Wouldn’t you like to get your driver back after you had a good experience with them. That’s what I represent, a company called Apex app, a booking service to get you back to the driver that you want. The app is free for a passengers and for select drivers there is a monthly service charge. Get rid of the worry that you have to get a random driver and come join us at Apex. We partnered with Apex, Uber, Lyft and all the ride share delivery services. We provide a safe affordable convenient ride for our customers. It’s fun and safe. Look forward to hearing from you guys on our apps once we get them all loaded. Please call me with some good reviews we’d like to hear from you guys.