“A man with a Dream will not be denied” Louie Carrillo

Louie said it best and it keeps me humble and gets me on fire to pursue my dreams and ambitions. A dream to me is a burning desire that keeps you awake when you can’t sleep and propels you to keep moving forward despite setbacks. Growing up dreaming wasn’t always easy to accomplish, it was unheard of topic where I grew up in Santa Ana, CA. My life as a child was always focused on the now and not the how or when. I was consumed by baseball, playing outdoors and enjoying my child hood, Life was simple and I was going with the flow. I was then approached by an opportunity called “Amway” that changed my way of thinking and continues to provide insight on my personal growth. I say this because the personal I am and will become has been shaped by great people that have mentored me to become a better person. I won’t get into all the details, but thanks to Amway, N21, the Army, NMSU, Family and Friends; I am learning that we design our lives whether good or bad based on our ATTITUDE! I challenge anyone that is reading this to dig deep and find your “Why” and make sure it makes you cry then follow me and lets chat on how we can get it done. I am working on gathering all resources and people to help along the way. My company is called Team Global Lead and say what I mean and mean what I say when Together Everyone Achieves More Globally Learning, Experiencing, Achieving, Dreams! Chris

Published by Christopher Lopez

Experienced Network Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organization management industry. Strong information technology professional skilled in Microsoft Excel, Customer Service, Sales, Strategic Planning, and Recruiting.

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